Peter Ikin

Always kind, and jovial..... and a pleasure to be with.... I have thought and spoke of Peter often.... He was my introduction to the music business ...  thank you Peter for the laughs that we shared... May God bless you ...
John Mellencamp

My Peter Ikin adventure began in January 1983. Elton had taken me to Sydney for a holiday following a seemingly never-ending British tour. It was my first visit to Australia and when we arrived in the early morning, we were immediately whisked off to the Sebal Townhouse where we were staying. That hotel was where I would soon encounter one of the most loyal, loving and thoughtful people to ever grace my life. While there were many Aussies around to tend to the "pop star" and fulfill his every wish and desire, there was only one who offered me his sincere interest – and that was Peter.

Peter seemed to understand the frenetic lifestyle associated with being a pop star's boyfriend. It was one long, endless "attention orgy." And because Elton rarely left the room in those days, it was Peter who went well out of his way to keep me entertained. He took me to his office, Luna Park, a Simon & Garfunkel concert and all the best local bars, clubs, beaches and haunts. In short, he made sure I had the best possible experience during my visit. To this day, I still count it as one of my most wonderful and memorable life experiences. Peter's kindness set the tone for a friendship that would fall just one month shy of 25 years.

Toward the end of our holiday, I remember shopping the art galleries with Elton in Sydney. As usual, we were buying all kinds of crazy things. While browsing one of the galleries, we came upon a beautiful painting of iris flowers. Elton agreed to buy it for Peter as a thank you for extending such a warm welcome to me. And it was from that day forward – he would hate me for writing this – it was then that Peter would lovingly be crowned my Auntie Iris. The last time I was in London, Peter proudly pointed it out hanging in his dining room and we reminisced about that Aussie holiday of '83.

Not too long after the Australian trip, I finally escaped the clutches of the mad man. When all others turned a blind eye, shunning our supposed friendships and treating me like a toxic piece of rubbish, it was Peter who remained by my side. It mattered not where either of us were in the world, we remained in regular communication as he counseled me, a 22-year-old recovering from the abuses of a closeted pop queen drug addict. I'll never forget his constant support and encouragement during those years. Peter was always, ALWAYS there to listen and prod me along through the good and not-so-good times – both personally and professionally.

In the years that followed, we shared many good times together in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, New York, Miami, London, Greece and more. I cherished every one of our visits and he was always incredibly generous –treating me to spectacular meals, plays, concerts and the odd shopping spree. He was always shopping for treats for his many friends and as I sit here, I can hear his voice say, "pick out something you like Darlin', I want to get you a little pressie."

He also never arrived for a visit without presenting me with a bottle of the latest cologne from duty-free. "Picked up a little something for you, dear" he would say. We had great fun and our relationship was one of friendship and, at times, a little romance. He often played life coach – guiding me through the trials and tribulations of life in general. He gave me my very first CD and I think I talked him into his very first iPod. How the world has changed in those 25 years.

He was my main and, in many cases, only link to many friends and shared acquaintances around the world. Now, he will be my most missed conversation partner. I'll miss the great dish as well. Peter was the one and only person who knew everything about me. He was my confidant and the only person in my life I could talk to about things when I didn't want anyone else to know. I have many stories I'd like to share, but feel in some ways he may not approve. Trust me, there are some hilarious ones!!! I will say in the meantime that there were many great meals, parties, drunks, pools, backstages and hotels, plus a few dramas, outrageous laughs and a lot of love.

I know Peter had traveled almost constantly since retiring from WMI (not unlike his pre-retirement years) and he enjoyed it immensely. I recall a story from not too long ago where he described a trip with old classmates to Alaska. While dining one evening, the boat captain stopped the engines while they dined and drank and listened to the whales talk to each other under the water. He just described it so magically.

I was looking forward to seeing him here in L.A. this month and even emailed him on Nov. 18th to find out where he was. I know people often speak of eerie experiences when loved ones are in danger or have passed away, but there must be a connection that is beyond consciousness because for about 10 days prior to sending him that last email, he was on my mind constantly. Not just daily, but throughout the days as well. That had never happened before and only when I received an email from somebody I'd never heard of telling me he had passed, did I realize that somehow Peter or the universe was trying to tell me something. I was, however, too late.

So on this Thanksgiving day here in the U.S., as I have struggled for days now trying to reconcile this most devastating loss, I will post a memorial page to my Peter Ikin and lift a champagne glass and make a quiet toast to a man who blessed me with his love, friendship and the peace of mind in knowing that no matter when or where, I could always count on him.

Ill miss you Darlin...  T.

Peter Ikin
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Peter Ikin